WAMICam® Systems

The first convenient, affordable, and easily usable Wide Area Motion Imaging

What is WAMI?

PreVision's wide-area motion imagery sensors generate high-resolution images to enable near real time Pattern of Life (POL) surveillance over large city-wide areas.

Surveillance of Large Urban Areas:
PreVison's WAMICam® offers real-time situational awareness of city and street-level events. WAMICam™ is a highly-portable, easy to integrate system that can be quickly mounted on an airplane or helicopter to cover areas of several square miles.

WAMICam® Features:

WAMICam™ is unique in its simplicity, greatly reducing the cost and preparation required to provide WAMI information. It can even be installed in a temporary manner on an aircraft in less than a day without complex certification, and can be operated by an aircrew with only a few hours of training.

A Complete System

Communications, ground system, software, and more

Smallest Avalilable

Only 1.2 Kg.

Very affordable

Lowest price on the market

Easily Mounted

Fits most aircraft, even drones

Easy Training

Just a few hours of training necessary

Ready When You Are

It can literally be kept "in the box" and used on demand

WAMICam®-II Plus

Our WAMICam®-II Plus has all of the same features as the WAMICam®-II and also adds a secondary gimbal for a "vectorable" narrow field (high telephoto) camera, similar to those used by police or news helicopters today. This secondary gimbal can hold a visible camera, an infrared night vision system, or both capabilities.

How It Works

  • We take the raw images from an aircraft

  • Next we tag an area of interest

  • You can zoom anywhere in the area

  • Track anything that moves in the scene

  • Multiple users can collaborate

  • Play data backward to see where things came from

We have the fastest high-resolution 3D rendering solutions today

PreVision processes faster, is physically smaller, and requires less data than any other WAMI system available


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