PreVision produces Wide Area Motion Imaging for small Unmanned Aerial Systems

Real-Time Aerial 3D Imaging

Our technology provides you a live “maps-in-motion” view of large areas, with a 4 frame/sec update. Rendering in 3D allows you an immersive view into the action to see what's happening from any angle or perspective.

Revolutionizing Airborne Surveillance

PreVision's sensors are small enough to fit even hand launch sized Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Over the past decade we have reduced the Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) of WAMI payloads from literally tons to just a few pounds.


Key Features


With sensors small enough to fit hand launch sized Unmanned Aircraft Systems, we open up entirely new concepts for employment.


Projecting live imagery is complex, but we have made this incredible capability simpler to operate and interpret.


Today we process imagery in 2D but are rapidly adding real-time 3D for expanded situational awareness.


Web view with continuous zooming delivers high-resolution data on demand to a wide variety of ground systems.

The only company with WAMI for small UAS

No one comes close to PreVision’s value in size, processing efficiency, price, simplicity, and the fact we build a simple to operate and maintain WAMI.


Wide Area Motion Imaging (WAMI) was conceived to monitor large geographical areas in order to conduct “Patterns of Life” reconnaissance


Facility Security

Monitor large venues and colaborate with security in real-time

Study Patterns

Collect visual data on your desired subjects over time in villages or cities

Monitor Events

Collect visual data on your desired subjects over time in villages or cities

Forensic Analysis

Use saved data to analyze incidents from various angles to solve cases

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